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Orhan Torul

Associate Professor of Economics at Boğaziçi University

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Economics is one of the disciplines that hardly ever becomes clear right after the first encounter. Exposure is key, for which I would like to recommend some economics blogs to those interested in the field. These blogs could help with following up-to-date discussions in the profession, as well as with learning about policies in action.

Here is a brief list of some economics blogs:

It can be unappealing and tiresome having to visit all these different blogs at their original sources. Thanks to advances in information technologies, RSS (really simple syndication) feeders and readers allow following different online platforms from a single source without any sweat. It is quite easy to use free online tools, such as feedly so as to organize, read, and share all the economic (or other) content from a single place, and push them to your RSS readers (on your smart phones, tablets or computers) to keep up with news and recent discussions. If you have no idea how to set up and organize a feedly account, YouTube tutorials can be of help.