USDP (Utility Software for Data Processing) is a user-friendly computer program that can be used for strong ground-motion data processing and spectral calculations.

The program was developed by the METU-Earthquake Engineering Research Center team under the financial grant provided by the Technical Research Council of Turkey for the "Turkish National Strong Ground-Motion Data" project (Award No. 105G016). USDP uses public-open Fortran sources that have been developed by Dr. David M. Boore (U.S. Geological Survey, Menlo Park CA) for data processing and elastic spectral computations including the Fourier amplitude spectrum.

The nonlinear spectral analysis part has been developed by Özkan Kale and Sinan Akkar by modifying the subroutines initially coded by Prof S. Otani. The graphical interface and user-friendly wizards were developed by Mr. Soner Baş and Mr. Eyyüp Volkan Çektimur. Research assistants Mr. Emrah Yenier, Mr. Özgür Erdoğan and Mr. Özer Ay provided valuable support during the development stage of USDP. They also wrote the help menu of USDP together with Özkan Kale.


USDP Capabilities:

  • Strong motion data processing by various filtering and baseline adjustment techniques
  • Linear spectral analysis (Spectral displacement, Pseudo-spectral acceleration and velocity, absolute acceleration and velocity spectra) for different damping values
  • Fourier spectral analysis
  • Constant strength, ductility and base-shear coefficient nonlinear spectral analysis for different non-degrading and stiffness-degrading as well as stiffness and strength degrading hysteretic models

Download USDP v1.3.4.21 - February.2011