We are witnessing tremendous advances in science and technology. The boundaries between different disciplines are eroding, the connections between them is becoming seamless. The most notable changes are taking place at the edge of the different disciplines; convergence is leading to the emergence of new disciplines. A further change is that the world is becoming flatter. If elected, I will strive to:

  • Contribute to the design, the implementation and the deployment of new initiatives that will turn what may be considered as threats of today into opportunities
  • Help IEEE develop and implement new products and services to better serve its members and the public, especially in the Far East
  • Develop an IEEE-wide a strategy for increasing the involvement of industrial practitioners and researchers in IEEE in the form a “Triple Helix of IEEE, Industry and Academia Towards Knowledge Generation”
  • Last but not least, listen to ideas and opinions from TAB Societies and Councils (especially from those of Div. X), and evaluate and carry them to the General Assembly.


Campaign Flyer

What is below is the campaign flyer of Okyay Kaynak. Please click on it to download it.

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