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  1. Q: What do you believe are the major issues facing the IEEE?
    A: We are witnessing tremendous changes in science and technology. The boundaries between different disciplines are eroding; the connections between them are becoming seamless in a trans-disciplinary manner. It is becoming very difficult to define who an engineer is, let alone who an electrical and electronics engineer is. Addressing the needs of such a diversified audience is going to be a major challenge. Furthermore, disruptive changes are expected to be seen in the two main revenue streams of IEEE, namely publications and conferences.
  2. Q: What do you think is the number one goal for the IEEE leadership?
    A: Keeping IEEE in the front line as the largest, volunteer-based, international professional organization of the world should be the number one goal for the IEEE leadership. For this, the leadership needs to take a dynamic positioning in the design, the implementation and the deployment of new initiatives to turn what may be considered as threats of today into opportunities of the future.
  3. Q: What motivates you and what qualifies you for the position you are seeking?
    A: The global and multi-faceted challenges that IEEE faces motivate me to stand up as a candidate. I feel I can contribute effectively to the policy decisions that need to be made in this respect. I have led a very international life and my technical interests have always been very diversified, due to the different technical, industrial and cultural environments I have had to operate in. Meanwhile, I have learned to establish cross-cultural bridges and also how to be a collaborator, and a team builder and unifier. It is my hope that I will be given the chance to serve.

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