Nur Irem Nuhoglu 

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  • Nuhoglu, I., Principles of Accounting, Bogazici University Printhouse, Istanbul,  
    • 1st Edition, 2001
    • 2nd Revised Edition, 2003
    • 3rd Revised Edition, 2005
    • 4th Revised Edition, 2006
    • 5th Revised Edition, 2008
    • 6th Revised Edition, 2011
    • 7th Revised Edition, 2014


  • Nuhoglu, I., An Empirical Analysis of Audit Reporting: Financial Performance and Perceptions of Stakeholders in an Emerging Market, Turkey, Yalin Publications, 2008.



  • Kocasoy, G., Atabarut, T. and I. Nuhoglu, Appropriate Environmental and Solid Waste Management and Technologies for Developing Countries, Volume 1-5, Bogazici University Printhouse, Istanbul, 2002.