Feedback Instruments

Twin Rotor MIMO System 33-007 - for experiments on an inverted pendulum using different control techniques.

Digital Pendulum Control System 33-005 - for analysis and simulation of high-order, non-linear MIMO systems with significant cross-coupling.

Modular Instructional Servo System MS150 - for study of the theory and practice of automatic control systems.


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IRD Mechanalysis

IRD 885 Analyzer/Balancer - for analyzing and balancing rotating equipment on a balancing machine.

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Ling Dynamic System 

LDS V450 Series - Air-cooled electro-dynamic shaker - for testing payloads 

LDS Digital Sine Controller DSC4 - for setting up and monitoring tests

LDS Amplifiers - Model PA500 for driving shakers

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FESTO (Didactic)

Pneumatic Single Axis Position Control Setup 



TM16 - for experiments in vibration using the universal vibration apparatus

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Bytronic Process Control Unit 


Bytronic Industrial Control Unit



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