MIS 487 Information Systems Security

MIS 487 Information Systems Security


Instructor: Bilgin Metin, Ph.D.



Course Description: This course is designed to introduce students to the fundamental concepts of security as it is applied to information systems. Students will learn the concepts of developing a security policy, anti-virus systems, network security, security software tools and the use of security devices on the network such as firewalls and Intrusion detection and prevention systems and e-mail security systems will also be covered.


Catalog Description:

  • Fundamental concepts of information system security
  • Review of TCP/IP Internetworking
  • Attack Methods
  • Security policies and commonly accepted security standards
  •  Cryptography and VPNs
  • Firewalls and Intrusion detection/preventions  systems and UTMs
  • Anti-virus Systems
  • Operating system security


Term Project: An important component of the course is a significant project including either a thorough survey and synthesis of subjects focused on a specific issue.

Assessment: Final: 35%, Midterm-I:15%,  Midterm-II: 15%, Term Project : 15%, Homeworks: 10%,  Attendance and participation: %10.


Textbook: Corporate Computer and Network Security,  R. Panko, Prentice Hall,