Bogazici University
Philosophy Department
34342 Bebek, İstanbul

Prof. Gurol Irzik

1. PERSONAL INFORMATION Electrical Engineering, Bogazici University, 1977

M.A. in Mathematics, Bogazici University, 1979

Ph. D. in History and Philosophy of Science, Indiana University-Bloomington, 1986

Areas of Specialization: Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Social Sciences, Causation


(a) Books:

Turkish Studies in the History and Philosophy of Science, (eds.) G. Irzik and G. Guzeldere, forthcoming in 2003 in Boston Studies in the History and Philosophy of Science, Kluwer Academic Publishers.

Science Education in Philosophical and Cultural Perspective, G. Irzık and R. Nola, forthcoming by Kluwer Academic Publishers. Expected in 2004.

(b) Articles:

"Popper's Piecemeal Engineering: What is Good for Science is not always Good for Society", The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, Vol. 26, 1985: 1-10.

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"Incredulity Toward Lyotard: A Critique of Postmodern Conception of Science and Knowledge", (first author: R. Nola), forthcoming in Studies in History and Philosophy of Science

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(c) Book Contributions and Conference Papers:

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(e) Book Reviews :

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Also in Studies in Philosophy and Education Vol. 20, 2001: 157-175 by the request of the editor of Science and Education and the permission of the editor of Studies in Philosophy and Education .

"A Review of The Road Since Structure", Philosophy of Science, Vol. 68, 2001: 573-575.