PHIL 101

Introduction to Philosophy

Fall 2000






Instructor:   İlhan İnan

Office       :    TB 350

E-mail      :

Phones     :    (office) 263 1540/2210

                      (home) 287 6063


Lectures    :   Mon    10:00-10:50   TB310

                      Wed     10:00-10:50   M1100

                      Friday  10:00-10:50   PARK 2


Office Hours  : Mon  11:00-12:00

                          Wed   11:00-12:00


Course Description: The course aims at giving a picture of what philosophy is by going through a discussion of some important philosophical problems in the three major areas of philosophy; epistemology, metaphysics, and ethics. After a brief introduction about methodology, first we will deal with the question of what knowledge is, and the problem of induction. Later we will deal with the metaphysical problem of whether we have freedom assuming that the world is governed by deterministic laws. The last part of the course will concentrate on a particular problem in the realm of ethics, namely the problem of whether egoism challenges morality?  


Tentative Schedule:


Part 1:          Introduction, Argumentation (Kitcher & Sher)

                    What is knowledge? (Plato, Gettier, Russell, Descartes)

                     Induction Problem (Hume, Russell, Goodman)       

Part 2:          (Free Will and Determinism Problem)
                     Hard Determinism (Holbach, Schopenhauer)

                     Soft Determinism (Ayer, Strawson)

                     Libertarianism (Taylor)

Part 3:          Egoism and Morality (Plato, Rachels, Feinberg, Baier)


Readings:  There is a reader for this class that can be purchased at Durak Copy.


Requirements: This section is only for philosophy students. We will have one mid-term (%30), one short paper (%30) and one final (%40). Attendance and careful reading is essential in making this class a useful one for yourself. Class participation and discussion with the instructor is definitely encouraged.