ME 687 Special Topics : Robust Control


InstructorEşref Eşkinat        


Lectures :     WW F   67  3  M2181 M2181 M3100

Textbook: MULTIVARIABLE FEEDBACK CONTROL Analysis and Design                                                                                                                                                           Sigurd Skogestad and Ian Postlethwaite Published by Wiley , May 1996, 572 pages.





Software to be used:




Course Requirements:


            Homeworks and reading assignments                            30 points

            Take home Mid-term exam                                           20 points

            Final Exam                                                                   20 points

            Design project                                                             30 points         



Course Description:


Robust control is concerned with the problem of designing control systems when there is uncertainty about the model of the system to be controlled or when there are (possibly uncertain) external disturbances influencing the behavior of the system. In this course we will study the basic results in robust control that have been developed over the last fifteen years. This course provides a unified treatment of multivariable control system design for systems subject to uncertainty and performance requirements.



Course Topics:


1.         Review of classical linear control

2.         Signal/system norms and  / spaces and internal stability.

3.         Performance specifications and limitations.

4.         Modeling uncertainty and robustness.

5.         H2 and H optimal control

6.         LFTs  and mu synthesis.



Reading Assignments (Copies of the articles are available from the instructor)










Each student is required to do a design project. It will involve the modeling, design and analysis of an uncertain closed-loop control system. Example

past project reports  can be found in  .


Project topics and the assigned students are as follows :






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