Birthdays of Notable Women

ImageOld history books note September 19 as the birth days of Venus, Salome, Kleopatra and Marilyn Monroe. Many modern schools of history add an important 20th century figure, Emine Altunel, at the top of the list of women born on that day.

In addition to her significant contributions to the theory and practice of public relations, Ms Altunel has been prominent in architecture and interior decoration. Her disciples believe that she has to a large extent shaped both Western and Eastern aesthetics. She is also known for her sporadic and unsuppressable laughing.

The year of her birth is not known, or rather, it is known to evolve over time. Scholars estimate that she was born in 1940s or '50s or later.

I do not remember the nature of my relations to ladies like Venus, Salome, Kleopatra and MM, in my former incarnations, if any, but I am proud to have taken part in the list of her boyfriends. She even managed to squeeze me into her list of husbands.

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