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Ali K. Saysel, Ph.D.


Institute of Environmental  Sciences




Boğaziši University, 34342 Bebek İstanbul

tel: +90 212 3597252; fax: +90 212 2575033

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Research & Teaching

Ali K. Saysel is a researcher on socio-ecological sustainability. He graduated from TED Ankara Lisesi in 1985. He has a BS in Industrial Engineering (1990) and MS (1993) and PhD (1999) degrees in Environmental Sciences and Technology from Boğaziši University (BU). During his PhD, he has specialized in the field of System Dynamics for modeling and simulation of dynamically complex problems. After his post-doc in the New University of Lisbon, Environmental Systems Analysis Group in 2000, Dr. Saysel joined the System Dynamics group in the Information Science Department of the University of Bergen. After 2004, he took part as a faculty in the Institute of Environmental Sciences (BU). Dr. Saysel is an interdisciplinary systems scholar practicing dynamic modeling, computer simulation, gaming and decision experiments to investigate human-ecosystem interactions and chronic socio-ecological problems. His research focuses on strategic management problems at the food-water-energy nexus. Specifically, he developed dynamic simulators and computer games, and conducted decision experiments to study over-explotiation problems in irrigation schemes, agricultural production, fisheries management, and for climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Dr. Saysel is a member of the international System Dynamics Society and serves as an associate editor of the System Dynamics Review. He is among the authors of the IPBES (United Nation's Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services) firs global assessment published in May 2019, and now serves as a member of the IPBES special task force on scenarios and models. Apart from system dynamics, he is affiliated with the fields of ecological economics and political ecology.

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Courses:             Esc 577: Dynamic Modeling of Socio-Ecological Systems (Fall, 2018-19)

                            Esc 307: Social Ecology (Summer, 2019)

                            IE 484: Simulation Gaming and Decision Experimentation (Fall, 2016-17)

                            Esc 578: Systems and Sustainability (Spring, 2018-19)


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